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Code repository


You can find all relevant code samples online in each chapter, but if you want to quickly run the chapter demos yourself or compare your code with working examples you can find an online code repository here hosted on Github.

At the moment the CMakeLists.txt file can properly generate visual studio project files, make-files and works on both Windows and Linux. It hasn't been extensively tested on Apple's OS X and not on all IDEs so feel free to leave a comment or update the CMakeLists.txt via a pull request if you can get it working on different systems.

I'd like to thank Zwookie for being an enormous help on the Linux side of the CMake script. Thanks to Zwookie's updates on the CMakeLists it now succesfully generates project files on both Windows and Linux.

Also, check out Glitter by Polytonic, a dead-simple boilerplate project for these chapters that comes pre-configured with the relevant dependencies.